FriYAY Favorites

Happy FriYAY!  I’m currently working on some menu analysis for one of my corporate wellness clients.  Have you ever wondered how the nutrition facts information gets calculated for the food you buy?  Yeah, an RD probably did that.

Any plans for the weekend?  We’ve got a mile-long list of house projects we’ve put off for a while, Odin (our 4 month old labradoodle) has a puppy obedience class, and then we’ll probably just relax and enjoy the remainder.  Since it’s casual Friday, and you’re most likely wearing jeans or maybe pajamas (guilty), I figured I’d slow it on down and share with you some of my favorite things from this past week.

Fitness: Party On a Bike at The Madison Improvement Club (Phoenix)


For all my Phoenix friends, this place is awesome!  I typically don’t do group exercise classes because my gym doesn’t offer them, they’re $$$, and I’d rather be outside, BUT I will make an exception for a kick-ass spin class with an even more kick-ass playlist.  Enter, my superfit sister-in-law who texted me about going to one of The Madison’s spin classes called “Party On a Bike.”  Wish I wore my dayglo, because it was like a 50 min., heart pumping, sweaty, rave.  Anyway, we both are already planning on going back for a once in a while treat.  Get thee to The Madison if you haven’t!  Locations in Phoenix and Tempe, and it’s only $10 for a first time drop-in for locals.

Food: Almond Meal Crusted Chicken Tenders

This is an oldie but goodie “recipe.”  Truth be told, I tend to not use a recipe for most meals, except baking.  Because, science.  I like almond meal because it yields a delicious, nutty flavor and provides a bit more nutrition than wheat flour.  It’s high in protein and a great source of Vitamin E and heart-healthy, monounsaturated fat. For your next dinner, pick up some chicken tenderloins, buy some almond meal (I like Trader Joe’s brand), grab some spices, crack a couple eggs, then dip, dip, bake.  Mine is a variation of this one, but play with the spices, add coconut, make a mustard sauce, go crazy!

Flourish: “Carbs, A Love Story” from The Atlantic

As if I needed any more reason to stop the fear-mongering surrounding (good) carbs and starches, there’s been more studies comparing the amount of weight loss from cutting carbs or by cutting fat.  Turns out, they’re both effective!  “Today, Paleo dieters painstakingly bake with coconut flour in an attempt to avoid carbs, but scientists at the University College of London theorized that real Pleistocene hunters threw the occasional tuber on their newly discovered fires.  The glucose from starchy plants is what allowed their brains to grow to the size of modern-day humans’.”

Fun: “Omen” by Disclosure ft. Sam Smith

Had this song on repeat during workouts and after.  Love me some Sam Smith!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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