The Economics of Weight Loss Pt. 1

Here’s a scene that’s played out many, many times over the past 8 months.


Walk in the house after driving/fighting traffic.

Rummage through the pantry, grab a crunchy snack, sit down on the couch

Zone out for 20 minutes.


Walks in the house after driving/fight traffic

Rummages through the pantry, grabs a crunchy snack, sits down on the couch

Zones out for 20 minute.

 Usually after those 20 minutes of chit-chat and relaxing, we’d most likely say, “sooo, what’s for dinner?” (Like either one of us had planned anything, ha!)

“By the time we make dinner, we could already be eating somewhere…”

So we hop back in the car and go out to eat at one of our favorite spots around North Central Phoenix (I see you Windsor, Spoke & Wheel, Federal Pizza, etc).

There are many things wrong with the above scene.  Number one being that it costs a lot of money to go out to eat multiple times during the week.  Number two is something I’ve discussed time and time again with patients and clients; meals at restaurants are often double the amount of calories, fat, and sodium than what you would have at home. I’m sure you’ve heard/read it all before.

I will say, this past year has been one for the books in terms of stress level.  We were both back in school, working long hours, and rarely home.  You’d think I’d be meal planning and freezer meal-ing it up, like any millennial, female with a Pinterest account would do.  Alas, that never happened, and as we reviewed our finances earlier this summer, we weren’t all too surprised to see that our restaurant/entertainment spending categories had skyrocketed. I also noticed my clothes were feeling pretty tight.  Cue even more stress!

fun and games pantsSo what are we doing? For starters, we are nixing the eating out for a while, and created a list of activities we can do for free and/or cheap. I’m so happy we like each other a lot.  Because we’re not wasting our time and money eating out and doing other expensive activities, we’re also focusing on daily exercise and keeping our eating habits in check. I honestly rolled my eyes at the time I started writing on our board. I’m a freakin’ dietitian, shouldn’t I KNOW THIS?! Of course I do, but I need to consistently work on it, like so many others who have lost weight/are losing weight/trying to keep weight off. More importantly, being a dietitian doesn’t make me superhuman. I just happen to know the tools and nuggets of wisdom and science to help others succeed.  One thing to remember is that stress is normal in life, but knowing how to cope and manage stressful feelings will lead to success in the future.

2015-08-24 16.22.16 (1)

That being said, who’d like to join my husband and I in our FREE/CHEAP challenge for the next month?

Grab a piece of paper and make a list of activities you can do for free and cheap. Feel free to steal some of mine. Not gonna lie, my favorite cheap date is a Costco hot dog.

To be continued.

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