If We’re Talking Body, You’ve Got a Perfect One

Raise your hand if you’ve felt insecure about your body. Girl or guy, it happens to all of us. Now, think of that time you felt insecure and try to remember why. Did you fall victim to the comparison trap? Were your pants feeling tight that day? Did someone say something to you to make you feel inadequate? Now hold that thought, I’ll come back to it in a sec.

I had always loved food, and grew up in a family of athletes with thick thighs, strong shoulders, and even bigger appetites. Like I mentioned last week, health and wellness will look different for everyone. When I was in college, I started to get a bit concerned that I was going into the wrong field. I often felt surrounded by perfectly petite specimens who seemed to have been born with a penchant for kale salad. Suddenly everything I learned in school, good grades, and newfound balance just didn’t seem good enough. I baked bread and didn’t run marathons every weekend. Obviously in order to become a dietitian, I needed to be like everyone else! Right?! Wrong.

That’s what I mean when I say the “comparison trap.” A constant cycle of self-doubt and negativity. Time to lay down some sound science! Genetics actually plays a huge role to the size and shape of our bodies. Now, I’m not saying you can blame genetics for everything, but it accounts for about 80% of your weight and shape. The other 20% is environmental and personal choice. While you may have more muscle mass than your parents due to sports and exercising more, things like the width of your shoulders and the “set point” for the size of your thighs all come from your genes. Do yourself a favor, and love the body you’re rockin’ right now. No matter what your size or shape.


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