This Will Save Your Life

For the majority of my life, my family has been scattered across many states from California, Oregon, Connecticut, to Pennsylvania. I lived away from my parents for about 6 years, and just recently they decided to move back to Arizona. So now, instead of a 4-hour plane ride, I can hop in the car and be at their door in 40 minutes. This proved to be quite useful this past weekend when I got a call from my stepdad saying my mom had been in an accident, a bicycle accident.

Like I mentioned previously, my family loves being active. We love to hike, bike, run, walk, and swim. Most weekends you can find my mom up at the crack of dawn, riding her horse, or out in the garden. She’s always on the go. She also loves to ride her bike everywhere. Like any other Saturday, she was out on a bike ride, but this one ended with a stage 3 concussion, an acute loss of memory, coordination, and a bruised body. A truck clipped the side of her bike, and down she went. The main reason she suffered that type of damage to her head was simply because she wasn’t wearing a helmet. You probably heard it many times while you were younger, “don’t forget your helmet!” “Wear your knee pads!” “Look both ways!” I definitely rolled my eyes many times at all these statements, and sneakily hid my helmet because I thought it was dorky. Be active, go outside, but remember to protect yourself if you can!

Check out this video below from Howcast on how a bike helmet protects your head and skull.


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