Cool Stuff For You This Week – 01

Happy Friday! Any plans this weekend? I have a bit more birthday celebrating to do with family and friends on Saturday, and then the first of two Thanksgivings to attend. A weekend full of eating, for sure. Like I’ve said before, I’m definitely going to enjoy myself, BUT I’m going to make sure I have at least one of my typical meals throughout the day to keep things feeling normal. If I start the day with cake, all bets are off. I become like a sugar piranha.

eat cake or don't

Make sure not to confuse “don’t” for the word donut. Once you see it, it just doesn’t stop. On that note, have you seen the Instagram account @youdidnoteatthat? If you’ve ever wondered if fashion bloggers actually eat the amount of macarons they post, go follow them now. I’ve totally seen people do this in real life, though! With that being said, you better believe that all the food I post on my account I most definitely eat and probably follow it up with a snack. </rant>

I scoured the internets this week to bring you some stuff that I hope you enjoy. Get to clickin’!

How to Clean Your Oven – I went to preheat the oven last week and it started smoking! Come to find out there was spilled grease on the bottom. So I avoided cleaning it for a week straight (typical), and finally the other morning I scrubbed it clean. This method is so simple and with Thanksgiving right around the corner, you may run into an oven spill or two.

Spend Your Turkey Day Morning at the Barre – One of my favorite workouts, Barre 3, is offering one free studio class at any of their locations if you bring in 3 canned food items for donation. Go anytime between November 19th and November 26th.

Flower Child Uptown Phoenix is Now Open – I first went to this last year with my girl, Ashley, and fell in love. It’s a fast casual restaurant focusing on fresh, organic, and often local ingredients with menu options for the whole family. And as with any Fox Restaurant Concept, I want all the decor in my house.

A Throwback Thanksgiving #tbt – Bon Appetit recently revisited their Thanksgiving recipe archives from back in the 1960’s and 70’s. If you love retro goodies that are still great recipes, this is a fun read. There’s also a big, beautiful California Waldorf Salad Jello Mold. I mean…

Why ‘Jessica Jones’ on Netflix is Awesome – I’ve been reading comics since I was about 7 years old starting with X-Men, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, and Batman, and the resurgence of shows and movies is blowing my mind. I just started watching Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ and it’s really unique. I didn’t know much about her before watching, but she’s a badass, female superhero who starts her own private investigation agency. Also, no tight spandex outfit in sight!

What are some of your favorite ‘finds’ from around the internet this month?

Any plans for Thanksgiving?


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