Friday Favorites & My Workout Playlist

Hooray for the weekend! December has proven to be the busiest month for my business so far. The end of the year is upon us and everyone has a deadline! On the personal front, I’ve been sick for the half the month and finally feel like I’m coming around. How was your week? Any plans this weekend? We’ll be doing some baking and getting some presents wrapped for family. It’s a cloudy, chilly day in Phoenix, but oh-so-perfect for getting into the holiday spirit!

Let’s dive into some of my favorites this week.

FOOD: The other night we had tilapia, but I was also in the mood for macaroni and cheese! Often I’ll doctor a box of mac and cheese from Annie’s Organics, but I didn’t have any on hand. Enter super quick and super yummy Stovetop Mac and Cheese from Cooking Light. This is honestly one of the best recipes, takes no time at all, and it’s a lighter version of one of my favorite foods. Halfway through boiling the macaroni, I like to throw in half a bag of frozen broccoli or whatever else I have on hand. The veggies are cooked to perfection, and it’s a perfect one-pot recipe.

Stovetop Mac and Cheese

FLOURISH: Over the past month I’ve been (miraculously, crazily?) featured in a couple different places talkin’ nutrition. Check out ‘7 Healthy Coffee Hacks for A Guilt-Free Morning‘ over on SimpleMost and ‘7 Phrases on Food Labels You Should Look Out For, Because Packaging Can be Misleading’ over on Bustle. Apparently the number seven is THE number for when you wanna throw a bunch of tips together. Noted.

FITNESS: I’m in full-on half marathon training right now. This was the first week of running, and I finally remember why it’s been so long since I ran my first. Everything is sore. I’m feeling hungrier. I beg my husband to rub my feet every night. Ok, so that’s totally worth it, but it’s also been great getting back into running again. In case you missed it over on my Facebook page, I’m training for the Phoenix Half Marathon on February 27th. TBH one of the reasons I signed up for the race was because it’s downhill the whole way. Heyoooo!


FUN: On the half marathon training note, I have the worst time running without music. Like, I will wait an hour for my iPod to charge because I can’t bear to hurdle myself forward in a straight line with my thoughts in silence. Maybe someday, just not now. I mean, there’s so much decent Justin Bieber to listen to! In case you need some new tunes to add to a playlist or just want some good music with a beat, check out my current workout playlist below. I’m warning you ahead of time that my tastes are all over the place, but it gets the job done!


What are some of your favorites this week?

Do you have to listen to music when you workout?

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites & My Workout Playlist

  1. jncthedc says:

    I’m so old school, I never listen to music while lifting. I am pretty focused when I lift and don’t even hear the background music unless I think about it. Cardio is another story. I will either read or listen to music/TV. I have never enjoyed indoor cardio, but have remained faithful for the last 38 years. Love the benefits, however, of living a life of quality!

    Good luck on your training for your 1/2 marathon. Don’t train too hard while sick. You’ll simply weaken the immune system and delay recovery. Have a wonderful weekend!

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    • Erinn Gregory says:

      That’s so awesome you’ve been able to keep such a consistent workout schedule throughout the years! I actually am the same when it comes to weight lifting and don’t like music, but the cardio aspect gets pretty boring for me, so music is SO necessary. I’ve definitely been keeping it easy and dialing back my pace for a bit while sick. I pushed off training the first few days that I couldn’t really breathe, and now I’m feeling back in business. Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well!

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