Confessions of a Low-Maintenance Cook, Pt. 1

Otherwise titled as “Why I Don’t Post A Lot of Recipes.”

I’ll be the first to admit that most nights, I’m not exactly living it up in the kitchen. Most people I meet are a bit dumbfounded by this. You’re a dietitian though! Don’t you have your own vegetable garden (maybe someday), can your own salsa (nope), and make your own yogurt? (nope, but always wanted to try!) I consider myself a bit more “semi-homemade.” Not the Sandra Lee “Cocktail time!” and Kwanzaa Cake kind of Semi-Homemade, but more like meals that include various convenience ingredients and can be made in under 30 minutes. So maybe the good parts of Sandra Lee with a dash of Rachael Ray. I can almost hear Anthony Bourdain crying right now…

Working with my clients, I’ve learned that many feel the same way. While most more or less know what to do in terms of nutrition and have every intention of incorporating healthier routines into their lives, they’re just not doing it. Then we start to work on the why. Most of the time, it boils down to one simple reason: life gets in the way. There’s a lot of stuff to do and not enough time to do it. There’s work, school, children, animals, the list goes on and on, and what ends up happening is that the day gets away from us and we wind up over-eating or making poor choices mainly out of exhaustion, stress, or the dreaded “hanger.”


One thing we focus on is letting go of the guilt of not having enough time in the day. Seriously. This is often the hardest part! Then, learn to embrace a simpler approach, and focus on being honest with yourself about what’s reasonable and what’s not. This is the hardest part! Take a good hard look at your goals, and your daily life, and figure out how to make it fit. It’s ok if your meals aren’t 100% from scratch. This dietitian won’t haunt your dreams if you buy a pre-made chicken, or *gasp* go through the drive-through. Let’s look at some of my go-to combinations:

Microwaveable brown rice + Rotisserie chicken + Frozen vegetables + lemon juice + pumpkin seeds

Whole wheat pasta + garbanzo beans + frozen spinach + jarred marinara sauce

Boxed, low-sodium chicken broth + Pre-cut mirepoix (carrots, celery, onion) + (more) rotisserie chicken + diced, red potatoes

Brown rice noodles + frozen shrimp + pre-cut or frozen vegetable blend + Soy Vay Teriyaki sauce + chopped cashews 

Frozen turkey burgers + pre-washed mixed greens + sliced avocado + diced tomatoes + diced cucumber + balsamic vinaigrette

Pre-made pizza dough + jarred marinara sauce + diced low-sodium turkey breast + pre-chopped peppers + jarred olives + pre-washed spinach + pre-diced onion

For Part 2, I’ll share with you my favorite go-to brands and products (like those above) that have great nutritional stats, and also fit your budget. In the meantime, let me know some of your go-to, simple meals that keep you from turning in the Hanger Beast!

P.S My sister sent me this picture a while back on Snapchat (add me: eceegee). Sums up my approach quite nicely.