Three Ways to Beat the Sunday Blues

I’m in my mid-twenties and finally out of school for a while, yet I still feel like Sundays are a “school” night. My friends and husband think I’m the lamest of the lame, but I start to get nervous around 5pm and have to go “get ready.” I know, you just can’t handle how cool I am.

I’ve been this way for years, though, and even more so during my weight loss journey. I took time each Sunday to set intentions for the week ahead. It was just the right amount of pep-talk and motivation I needed to keep on keepin’ on. Taking that time just for yourself once a week can do wonders for your Monday morning. Ask yourself:

What will the week look like? 

Will I be out and about?

When would be good days to get some exercise?

That’s the key with setting goals. They have to be attainable yet adaptable too. You could have the cleanest, coolest meal plan, but what happens if you work late or you forgot to set the crock pot timer? Do you have healthy, plan B options waiting for you in the fridge? Do you know how to order in a balanced way off of a take-out menu? It’s the same with exercise. Realistically, you may not make it to the gym every day, but maybe you can use a DVD or YouTube video at home in your living room or walk your dog for an hour instead of 30 minutes. Learn to adapt to the challenges, otherwise, you’ll feel defeated before you even get started.

In terms of food, there are a few things you can do on a Sunday night to get prepared for a new week of eats. No stress required.

Sunday Blues

+Wash and chop your veggies for the week. Place in clear containers in your fridge and label to see what you have on hand. You’ll save money and eliminate food waste too!

+Hardboil some eggs. Eggs are the perfect source of portable protein (say that five times fast!), and they can be the perfect addition to a salad, sandwich, quick breakfast, or as an afternoon snack. Try my easy method!

+Pack your lunch. Get the week started with a healthy, filling meal that gives you energy but won’t slow you down. You’ll also save time in the morning to do other things, like find your keys, or wrangle your children. My current favorite lunch is a big, ol’ salad, but not just any ol’ salad. A salad with Staying Power.

In a large container, layer chopped raw and/or cooked veggies; two big handfuls of salad greens; a hardboiled egg; extra protein from lean meat like chicken, turkey, or tuna and/or beans; optional small handful of nuts; a pinch of red pepper flakes; small container of vinaigrette dressing or Bolthouse Farms Creamy Garlic (OMG) tucked inside.

1 slice of sprouted grain bread (Food for Life brand is my fave!)

1 piece of fruit

*don’t forget a snack for the afternoon!

After you’re done prepping for the week, go take some time for YOU and then go to bed early so you get at least 7 hours of sleep. Simply count backward from the time you like to wake up…



In Pursuit of (Im)Perfection

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Many people don’t believe me when they hear I didn’t actually set out to lose 70 pounds a few years ago. They don’t believe that I don’t obsess over my daily calories, or that I’m feeling comfortable in my own skin. You’re a millennial, female in her mid-twenties, AND your a Dietitian. How is that possible?! I try to focus on being perfectly imperfect. Too bad that type of messaging doesn’t bode well for a culture that believes in deprivation, what you shouldn’t eat, and how you shouldn’t look.

I focused my efforts more on lifestyle change and creating abundance in my life. It wasn’t until I woke up one morning on my 18th birthday that I decided I was sick and tired of letting my weight dictate who I was going to be. How could I live a life that wasn’t riddled with guilt and shame? I was ready for change and to pursue the real me. Weight loss just happened to be a nice addition. Truth is, the less you focus on what you should cut back on, and the more you focus on newfound health prosperity in your life, the better the results.

Here’s my version of what I didn’t do during my 2-year lifestyle journey:

I didn’t get frustrated with myself

Changing your life starts with small steps, small changes, and is often uncomfortable. I decided to wake up every morning with intention. How would I view the day as an opportunity to succeed further? What could I learn from my actions?

Example: I felt really out of shape during that jog yesterday, maybe I started out too fast. I should probably ease into it and take fast walking breaks in between.

I didn’t feel deprived

As a dietitian, I don’t believe in meal plans. Instead, I want to help figure out what are good choices you can make no matter the situation. This mentality has a lot to do with how I found balance in my own food choices. There is not that is somehow better than others. All foods fit in your life, from swiss chard to birthday cake. What matters most is how you treat food (not putting on a pedestal) and knowing that some foods provide more nutrients than others. Food is meant to live. You’re not meant to live for food.

Example: Halfway through my journey I met my now-husband, and we were dating. With dating comes going out to eat or making last-minute plans. I wasn’t going to NOT eat pizza if we were going to a pizza shop. Let’s be real, pizza is delicious. I’d be thinking about it all night if I didn’t have a slice, so I simply ate a friggen’ slice and enjoyed it!

I wasn’t obsessed with detail

There are many patients I’ve worked with who have become obsessed with their daily calorie target. “OMG I’m in the red! What do I do?” “I went out for breakfast and didn’t know what to do” Don’t look at the day like a bucket, think of it more like a checking account. Just like when you’re working on budgeting and saving money, you start to see results over a period of time. In a month or two, you suddenly seem to have more money! How did that happen? You worked at it everyday, but not all days were the same.

Example: I actually didn’t track calories during my two-year period. I started off by figuring out my personal calorie amount and came up with a few meals that would fit that target. Over time and as I became more confident in my food choices and portion sizes, I came up with more meals. That way, I didn’t feel paralyzed with fear over ordering food in a restaurant. I knew I needed to be flexible.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” -Lao Tzu

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